Our Motorcycle Tours

Of all the beautiful places in the world to ride a motorcycle… we think Western Canada ranks at the top! Boasting some of the top-rated paved roads for motorcycles in North America and endless backcountry roads and trails. Our tours will have you riding alongside beautiful lakes to the mountain ridges that tower above them. This region of our diverse country’s landscape truly is a motorcycling paradise! But we know that a motorcycle trip is so much more than just the roads you ride on…it’s about the experience: the people you meet along the way, the sights, the sounds, the cuisine and culture of the place you’re visiting. If this gets you excited, what are you waiting for? Sign up today for one of our amazing tours!

1-Day Backcountry Adventure Tour

1-Day Backcountry Adventure Tour:

Please contact us for dates

biker in a forest, driving the roads
Group of bikes on a trail
Bike parked side of the road
scenery on an adventure
biker stopped in the road due to falling tree
blue bike parked on the side of the road
group of people looking over the mountains
waterfall in the background by a parked biker
3-Day Backcountry Adventure Tour

3-Day Backcountry Adventure Tour:

Please contact us for dates

Glaciers & Hot Springs Road Tour

11-Day Road Tour – Glaciers & Hot Springs Tour

June 25 – July 05, 2024
June 24 – July 4, 2025
August 19 – 29, 2025

group of bikers looking at the trail
bikers riding on a trail
Group of bikes parked
lake in the background with a set of bikers watching
2 bikers on a dirt road
canyon with water flowing out of it
bikes along the side of the road by a lake
bikers walking along a trail
10-Day Adventure Tour

11-Day Adventure Tour:

September 10 – 20, 2024
September 9 – 19, 2025

highway road with green sceneries

* Additional Pricing Information

Pillion Rider: $213/day

  • *We do not recommend pillion riders on our off backcountry Adventure tours*
  • **Please contact us for pillion rider options for the off-road portions of our tours**

Single Occupancy: add $1750 to tour price

Bring a Friend Discount:

  • Bring a friend (or two or three!!) and get 5% per friend off YOUR tour price
  • **All prices listed are in Canadian Dollars**